Apr 23, 2013

Will Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Work for You?

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution


Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review – My Experience


Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is a 90 days program aimed at completely changing the shape and look of your body. It will shave weight off your body as well as building muscle. In the pack there are 15 DVDs, a food program and and the 90 day schedule of exercise videos. You do a 30 minute video each day that is either aimed at weight loss, muscle building, speeding up your metabolism, core exercises or balance.

It is an entire lifestyle change program rather than something aimed at just weight loss. If done well, this will completely change your life if you stick to it. It isn’t meant to be aimed at yo-yo dieting it is meant to keep the weight off.

Mark my words, this is a fitness DVD like no other. I am used to gimmicky dvd’s that have you dancing certain ways to different music, promising you’ll have a body like the instructor, after only a weeks. This isn’t the case with this DVD, it is a geniune work out dvd. Even gym fanatics have stopped paying their costly gym subscriptions and bought this program.

How Does it Work?

The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution works by having you stick to a 1200 calories a day food schedule. It is further broken down by having a breakfast which is 250 calories, lunch and dinner are 400 calories and you can have a 150 calorie snack in between. It is a plan that is aimed at complete fat burning and includes recipes, but don’t expect to find foods like nuts, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, processed foods or alcohol. You will also have to decrease your intake of caffeine.

I found this a massive struggle to stick to. After completing the daily video, I was starving and tended to have a late night snack which took my calorie intake up to 1500 calories when exercising. I just couldn’t stick to it. The hunger feelings were unbearable. I also suffered from headaches, which I suspect were from caffeine withdrawal, but after I got used to low caffeine, I felt fine.

The Workout DVDs

The workouts range from 20-35 minutes and there are 3 phases to each dvd, with 4 exercise videos for each phase. You do phase one for a month and then progress to phase two for a month and so on. Phase one has you doing 4 different metabolic weight videos and one low impact cardio dvd. It is designed to quick start your metabolism to begin fat burning. Phase two changes it up a little and your cardio workouts are more challenging with resistance movements, to improve your level of fat and calorie burning. Phase three is the final set of the program and it is designed to add shape to any muscle you have grown and to get rid of any remaining fat you may have left.


  • It is proven to work by many users
  • It worked for me with weight loss and muscle definition.
  • Thinks of everything, with modifications.
  • It works over your entire body
  • Aims exercises at trouble zones.
  • Works your core which is proven to aid in weight loss.
  • You feel amazing after the workouts, I felt full of energy. I was tired but I felt so proud of myself.
  • She uses people from all walks of life on the dvd, so you aren’t just watching people who are in perfect condition doing the dvd
  • The first phase of the program isn’t that hard so you aren’t discouraged as when the work out is too hard. I have done some of her dvds where I can’t even get through the first 20 minutes of the video and I am left wondering why am I even attempting this?  But, this program builds you up and eases you in.
  • Each DVD burns, on average, around 260 calories (depending on your own heart rate) with the cardio dvd, burning a lot more because you are constantly moving


  • It is very intensive
  • You may get aches and pains after every exercise video.
  • You do feel hungry after exercising, so it is hard to deal with the cravings and stick to your calories.
  • You don’t get all the equipment that you need. You need to buy weights, mats and resistance bands.
  • Your weight loss may be slow but that may be because fat is being replaced by muscle.
  • No Carbs so it might be tough on people with sugar issues.

Official Site

It is important to note that except for the expense, all the cons are based on the users personal circumstances.For example, if you haven’t had an existing knee problem then your knees may not hurt and there are modifications to all the exercises, so if you have an injury or an existing weakness then you can just do the modifications.

My Results

Personally, I found it too difficult to follow the meal plan because I am diabetic and I struggled with low blood sugar without the carbs. But, I followed the exercise program to the letter and I still recorded a very big weight loss and a drop in two jeans sizes. My body appears more toned and I have very little fat left. I have noticed a change in stamina and everyday life is easier. Even things like my sleeping pattern have changed so I am really happy, overall, with my life, after starting and finishing this program.


This exercise program will give you the results you need but you have to put the work in. You can’t just blindly do the exercises and eat what you want and expect results. You have to put effort into your reps and stick to the eating program. As you progress, you may even find yourself doing more reps than Jillian. I am thinking of starting this program again just to maintain my body.

If you do decide to go for it with this program, I recommend buying it from the official site where you are sure to get the entire program not just the DVD’s that are sold on some sites.  Also you will be able to take advantage of their special offers and be sure to have a valid guarantee.


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